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Everything you have to know about our wristbands

Why are they used?

A simpler way of identifying the participants of an event than wristbands has not been invented yet. Placed on the wrist, it can  easily be seen from a distance, in this way someone who entered without a ticket or entered somewhere whitout admission can be noticed.
With the help of the serial numbers on the wristbands the number of participants can easily be checked.

Which kind of wristbands can be used on which kind of events?

For shorter events the Tyvek wristbands are recommended, which are waterproof and serial numbered.
Usually, for longer events, festivals and camps vinyl, textile or plastic wristbands are recommended as the ideal identification form.
These wristband are not serial numbered by default but for an extra cost they can be numbered.

How much is the minimal quantity for order?

Wristbands made of Tyvek and plastic can be ordered from 100pcs / colour.

Are the wristbands waterproof?

Every wristband produced by us is waterproof.

Are the wristbands serial numbered?

The Tyvek Wristbands are serial numbered by default. At request we can add unique serial numbers for orders starting from 30.000pcs / colour.
The Plastic and Vinyl wristbands are not numbered, but for an extra cost they can be numbered as well.

Can unique serial numbers be ordered?

The Tyvek wristbands can be provided with unique serial numbers starting from a minimum quantity of 30.000pcs/colour.

Are the wristbands personalizable?

All of our wristbands can be personalized with unique logos and inscriptions.

Are the printed inscriptions waterproof?

Yes, the print of every wristband produced by us is waterproof.

The printable surface of the wristbands?


What file format must be used when sending the logos?

In order to achieve the highest quality printing, the logos have to be sent in vectorial file format (if possible eps. ai. or pdf.) If this is not possible, we are able to work with 300 dpi. jpg. pictures as well, but in this case the print on the wristbands can be of slightly lower quality.
In case of full colour print 300.dpi. jpg. pictures are sufficient.

What are the steps of ordering personalized wristbands?

In the case of orders placed on the website or through e-mail which contain graphics will receive a graphic artwork of the personalised wristband, made by our graphicians. The wristbands will only be sent to production if the artwork sent by us has been approved by the customer, in written form.
The customer must analyse thoroughly every detail of the artwork, the dates and inscriptions as well as the font and spelling. After the approval of the graphics we can no longer accept complaints.

Graphics containing one or more colours can be printed on the wristband?

The Tyvek Wristbands can be personalised in one or more colours as well.
On the plastic wristbands usually 1 or 2 coloured graphics are accepted, exception being the Plastic Soft Wristband, which can be personalised with full colour graphics.

Is the personalisation of the wristbands for an extra cost?

The printing of the wristbands is for an extra cost which is emphasised in all our offers.
The price of the 1 colour print differs from the price of full colour graphics.

How long does it take for the manufacturing of simple and personalised wristbands?

Simple wristbands can be sent right away from the deposit or can be taken over in our office (Adress: 1117, Budapest, Hengerhalom street, Nr. 20/1)
In the case of personalised wristbands the manufacturing time takes 3-5 days from the approval of the artwork.

Can the wristbands be engaged with barcodes?

On the Tyvek wristbands almost all existing barcode types can be placed.
Out of our plastic wristbands only the Vinyl Wide Face can be engaged with barcode.

What are the necessary details when ordering  barcoded wristbands?

To start the production of barcoded wristbands, we need the type of the desired barcode and its range.
The range can be uniquely generated (from an xls.) or can be ascending numbers.
The barcoded wristbands can be engaged with unique serial numbers without any extra cost.

How long does the production of barcoded wristbands take?

The manufacturing time for barcoded wristbands is between 3-5 days.

What is the minimum quantity order of textile wristbands?

The minimum order for textile wristbands is 50pcs/graphics.

What kind of textile wristbands does PartyBox produce?

Textile wristbands can be differentiated in two types. The one made by sublimation, which can be produced in unlimited colour variations. The other type is the woven wristband, that can be realised in maximum 8 colours.

With what kind of locking systems can the textile wristbands be ordered?

The most recommended lock for textile wristbands is the aluminum lock, which has to be secured with a special clamp. Another popular locking system is the plastic snap, which is for one time use as well. In this case, the wristband will be punched with holes in order for it to be adjustable on the wrist.
Less recommended and less secure lock is the plastic lock, which is similar to the aluminum lock but without the need of the clamp for closure.

Can the textile wristbands be engaged with serial numbers?

The textile wristbands are not produced with serial numbers but they can be numbered for an extra cost.

Is the serial numbering of the textile wristbands for an extra cost?

Yes, in order to engage the textile wristbands with serial numbers an extra fee must be payed.

The printable surface of the textile wristbands?


What are the steps of ordering textile wristbands?

After placeing an order for textile wristbands, our graphicians will create an artwork that will be sent by email for approval. The production of the wristbands can only start after the written approval of the artwork.
On the sent artwork the customer must verify every little detail, the design and spelling of the artwork.

After the approval we cannot accept complaints.

What file format must be used when sending the graphics should be sent for the artwork?

The inscription for the textile wristbands must be in at least 300. dpi jpg. picture format, but if possible, we prefer vectorial format (eps. ai. pdf.).

How long does the manufacturing of textile wristbands take?

The manufacturing time of textile wristbands is between 4-5 workdays.

Everything you have to know about lanyards:

What does the price of the lanyards depend on?

The price of the lanyards depend on:
- ordered amount
- personalisation of one or both sides
- the used accessories (premium carabiner, metal carabiner, safety breakaway attachment, quick release buckle etc.)
- the width of the chosen lanyard (15 mm, 20mm, 25mm) and the type of the material (satin or ribbed)

How much is the minimal quantity in the case of ordering  lanyards?

The minimum amount of ordering lanyards is 50pcs/graphics.

How long does the manufacturing of textile lanyards take?

The manufacturing time of textile lanyards is between 3-5 workdays.

What file format must be used when sending the graphics?

The logos for the lanyards must be in at least 300. dpi jpg. picture format, but if possible, we prefer vectorial format (eps. ai. pdf.)

The same graphics must be printed on both sides of the lanyard?

No, there can be printed different graphics on each side of the lanyard.

Everything you have to know about silicone wristbands:

How much is the minimum order for silicone wristbands?

The minimum order for serigraphed silicone wristbands is 50pcs/ graphic and for embossed or engraved silicone wristbands starts from 100pcs/graphic.

What kind of silicone wristbands can be ordered?

Embossed, engraved and serigraphed silicone wristbands can be ordered from us.

How can I design my silicone wristband?



Are the silicone wristbands serial numbered?

No, the silicone wristbands are not serial numbered and they cannot be.

How long does the manufacturing of silicone wristbands take?

The manufacturing time of serigraphed silicone wristbands is between 3-5 workdays, in the case of embossed or engraved wristbands it can be between 15-21 workdays.

Payment methods

What kind of payment methods can I choose from in case of an order?

In case of orders placed on our website, you can choose between paying cash on delivery.
If the order is to be collected from our offices, you can pay with cash.
Orders can be paid through paypal, bank transfer before the package is sent to delivery.

In case of orders by email, how can I pay?

If the package will be delivered by our courier, you can pay with cash on delivery, and in case of personal reception from the office, cash payment.

If I desire to take the package personally, could I pay with credit card?

No, we do not have this possibility.

Is there any possibility of ulterior cash transfer?

No, we cannot accept ulterior payment.



Is there any possibility for personal take-over?

Yes, in our offices at : 1117 Budapest, Hengerhalom street, u 20/1  - Hungary
or: Targu Mures, Matei Corvin Street, Nr. 5 - Romania

Our opening hours
Monday to Thursday : 9:00 - 17:00
Friday: 9:00 - 16:00
Saturday and Sunday - Closed

How long does the shipping/transport take?

The shipping takes between 1-6 workdays, depending on which shipping option you choose. We have standard and express shipping methods.

How much does the shipping/transport cost?

The shipping cost depends on the type and the quantity of products ordered.

Can the order be delivered through the postoffice?

No, we do not offer this possibility.