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Terms And Conditions

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PartyBox Europe Ltd

Commercial Register no.: 01-09-911835

Tax no.: HU14612501

H-1117, Budapest, Hengermalom str. 20


Bank information:

Bank name:  UniCredit Bank Austria AG

Acct. no.: 51574 009 808

IBAN: AT54 1200 0515 7400 9808


Bank name: OTP Bank Zrt

EURHU79 1176 3110 3198 5886 0000 0000

HUFHU49 1171 1003 2000 8756 0000 0000

USDHU17 1176 3110 3201 4019 0000 0000


By surfing and using the PartyBox Website you agree to the following terms and conditions.

By placing an order on the PartyBox Website you automatically become the client of PartyBox Europe Ltd.



These terms and provisions shall constitute the entire agreement (collectively, the "Agreement") between the parties hereto: it is understood and agreed that there are no agreements, promises, representations or understanding other than those appearing herein; it is further agreed and understood that it constitutes the complete contract between the parties.

Subject of agreement

On the PartyBox Europe Ltd webshop there can be found all of the company's products. A wide variety of identification wristbands, lanyards and other personalized, innovative products for festivals, camps or corporate events. You can find more information about each product concerning their price, the ordering and shipping possibilities as well.

The pictures shown in the product's description mainly serve illustration purposes.


On the PartyBox Europe Ltd webshop only registered users are able to place orders. The registration can be done in writing, by filling the form provided on the Sign Up page. By doing so the user states to have read and agrees to the terms of agreement. After a successful registration the user will have to confirm by e-mail. PartyBox Europe Ltd reserved the right to reject any registration attempt if the mandatory information is not provided or the information provided is false. The user can ask for the registration to be canceled at any time in writing trough sales@wristland.com e-mail address.

Steps of ordering through the PartyBox webshop:

Shopping cart
Step 1: Delivery details (you can log in or sign up to the PartyBox webshop and check your contact details)
Step 2: Delivery method (you can check the delivery options and pricing for them (UPS Standard (2-5 workdays) - UPS Express Saver(1-2 workdays)
Step 3: Payment method (you can choose the preferred payment method)
Step 4: Finalize (you will see a final review of your order. If everything is correct with "Send order" button, you can send us your order.)
Step 5: Payment (you can make the payment through the chosen payment channel)

When ordering through e-mail, You can choose the following payment methods:

- Credit Card (Master Card, Visa, JCB)
- Bank Transfer
- PayPal

When ordering in our Webshop, You can choose the following payment methods:

- PayPal


Because we process orders very quickly, orders placed cannot be cancelled, without our consent in writing, nor can deferred deliveries of goods made up or in process be extended beyond the original delivery date specified, except with our consent and upon terms which will indemnify us against all loss.

Return of Goods

No goods may be returned to PartyBox without written authorization from PartyBox. Acceptance of returns shall be at the complete discretion of PartyBox. Returned goods are subject to a minimum service charge of 25% of the invoice price. Transportation charges are borne by the buyer on all returned goods, unless PartyBox agrees otherwise. Where written authorization is provided by PartyBox for the return of goods, the buyer shall be entitled to a credit equal to the purchase price of goods returned. The buyer shall under no circumstances be entitled to a cash refund of the purchase price. Customer assumes sole responsibility for accuracy and use of artwork and indemnifies PartyBox in the event of any claims for copyright infringement by signing/approving an artwork customer certifies that they are legally authorized to use such logo, trade names, trademarks, etc.


Any dates quoted for delivery of the goods are approximate only and PartyBox shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the goods howsoever caused.

In case the order contains products, that aren't available on stock at the moment of the order, the delivery time is longer, but no longer than 30 days. As the order was prepaid and the conditions confirmed by PartyBox are not acceptable for the buyer, PartyBox will return the payment.

Same day shipping is available, if you order your wristbands until 13h in our Webshop. This offer concerns only wristbands without costumization.

Defective Material

If any material furnished by PartyBox proves defective or not as ordered, we must be notified of such fact within 10 days from the receipt of shipment by the buyer. No claims for defective material or products will be allowed unless such claims are made within 10 days from the receipt of shipment by the buyer. In the event of such notice within 10 days from the receipt of shipment.

Under no circumstances will we allow or be liable for damages or any claims for expenses involved in using our product. Claims for shortage must be made within 10 days from receipt of goods and in every case the weight found in the shipment must be given and also the methods used arriving at a count of the parts. PartyBox cannot ever guarantee exact color matches or precise quality. No claims for rebates, discounts or the like will be entertained by PartyBox in the event of slight color and quality variances. We do our utmost to use standardized pantone® colors-codes. For large special orders over 1 million, we could use the buyer's specific pantone® colors. The nature of the base material and printing process causes some variances even within a production run.

Data protection

For PartyBox Europe Ltd protection of the data provided by their customers is very important. PartyBox guarantees to protect the personal data of their clients, to use them accordingly to the legislation, for safe online solicitations. Assumes responsability that the information shall be kept secure, protected by an appropriate degree of security.

The provided data is used solely for statistic information. The user consents that PartyBox Europe Ltd. is allowed to use personal data for the purposes mentioned above. The user has the right to demand clear information about the storage of personal data and is entitled to request modification or deletion.


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