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Washable fabric face mask

Why wear a protective mask when you leave your house?


These fabric face masks can prevent the infection from getting into the air.

By using them you can stop yourself from involuntarily touching your nose and mouth. 

Not only you can protect yourself and others around you, you can reduce the spread of the virus as well.

The biggest advantage of our reusable fabric masks is that they can be used for months with proper care and sterilisation, thus making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than disposable masks.


maszk, szájmaszk, arcmaszk



Do not wear the mask for more than 4 hours at once! 

Clean properly after each use. It can be washed at a high temperature and sterilised by ironing.


maszk, szájmaszk, szájmaszk

Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

MOQ: 5 pcs

Used material and elastic may vary depending on availability. 


Custom face mask:

We also undertake the production of customised masks, fit to your company colors or corporate image.

You can order masks with a unique design, logo, pattern and text.

MOQ: 50 pcs/design


For details, contact our sales team at office@wristland.com


maszk, szájmaszk, arcmaszk


Let’s take care of each other!

Let’s take care of ourselves!




Please note that no face mask provides 100% protection against the virus, however it is important to use it to avoid spreading the infection.

This product is not a medial device and it does not guarantee protection against the coronavirus!

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